Best Website Templates For Building Wedding Sites (HTML5 & Bootstrap)


Are you looking for Bootstrap templates and themes for building wedding sites? There are a lot of templates and themes out there, but some have been designed with weddings in mind. These templates take much of the work out of the design of the site since they are designed specifically for wedding sites.

To help you pick the right template, we have selected some of the best Bootstrap templates and themes for building wedding sites.



If you want to create a beautiful digital wedding invitation and are looking for the quickest and easiest way to do it, Matrimony is the Bootstrap template for you. Since it is a one-page template, you can have it ready to go quickly and easily. It comes with eight built-in Color schemes offering customisation with minimal effort.

Matrimony is packed with features perfect for a digital wedding invitation. A working RSVP form is included and requires minimal setup. All you need to do is change the email address, and it is ready to go. It also has perfect wedding and love related icons making design a breeze.

One of the most exciting built-in features is the live countdown. Just set the date in the main JavaScript file, and it will start counting down to your wedding day.

Whether you are a developer planning your own wedding, creating a digital invite for a friend, or offering wedding sites to clients, Matrimony is the Bootstrap template you need to quickly create a stunning, practical site to let friends and families know about the big day.

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If you need a Bootstrap template for a wedding site with more features and options, Manten is a bundle with ten ready to use page styles. It includes pre-coded sections for a variety of wedding-related topics such as accommodations and registries. It also comes with a working RSVP form ready to help you tally guests.

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If you need a Bootstrap template for a wedding related site that goes beyond a basic invitation, Wedex is a feature-rich, multi-purpose wedding related option. Designed for personal wedding invitations, anniversaries, wedding planning, wedding planners, wedding blogs and newly married couples, Wedex is highly customizable to fit your needs. It comes with over 25-page designs and built-in features like an RSVP form, a live countdown, slideshow and photo gallery.

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