Top 3 Free Documentation Templates You Can Use For Your Software Projects

Best documentation templates for software projects

Good documentation is vital to your software project’s success. Writing good documentation is hard though. Want to get documentation together for your end-users but don’t know where to start? Find writing documentation harder than writing your actual software? Don’t have the design chops to make your online documentation look beautiful? A well-designed documentation template can help you lay the design foundation of your docs so you can concentrate on writing structured and concise documentation content for your users.

Don’t delay writing your documentation, let the best free documentation templates listed below help you get started today!


CoderDocs Technical Documentation Template

CoderDocs Bootstrap Documentation Template

CoderDocs is a free documentation template built on the popular Bootstrap framework. The design is super modern and clean and it’s made specifically for software developers.

The landing page contains a prominent search box and easily skimmable section cards to help users find information quickly. The docs page provides easy navigation between sections via the side menu. The design works across devices so your users can read your docs on a desktop or mobile with ease. Since examples are better than words, you can make use of the nice components available in this template (eg. code snippets, tables, modals, callout blocks) to make your technical documentation easily understood by end-users. If you want to have beautiful and well-organized online documentation, you should try CoderDocs. All the source SCSS files are included in the free download so it’s super easy to change the color scheme and the design to suit your software project.

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PrettyDocs is a very popular free HTML5 documentation template among developers all over the world and it has been downloaded 60,000+ times since its release. This template is very pretty and comes with 6 beautiful color schemes. Like CoderDocs, it has all the essential components (eg. search, code blocks, image modal etc) for successful software docs.

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Scribbler is a responsive HTML5 documentation template built without the Bootstrap framework. The design is simple and clean and it makes a great starter template for your small coding projects. If you want a minimalist and lightweight template for your technical documentation, Scribbler is a good fit.

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