More than just a cool t-shirt! See what people are saying.

Programming T-shirt
Asim H.

Ok so the joke is brilliant, but what really surprised me was the fit and quality of material! I wore this when I spoke at AngularConnect in London in 2018, I speak at a lot of conferences and get a LOT of free conference t-shirts, most of which I honestly never wear again. This one though... this is coming with me to a lot of conferences in 2019!

Programming T-shirt -
Rachel F.

Nice fit! This t-shirt prompted a lot of us in work to go offline and play the dinosaur game! Everyone in the office knew what it was from; devs and non-devs alike! Love it!

Programming T-shirt -
Iaroslav K.

I'm feeling like a star:) Very comfy and fun to wear!:)

Programming T-shirt -
Sophie F.

This shirt is super comfortable, and a really great fit! I love it's geeky subtlety, I can see myself grabbing one for some of the other devs in my life :D

Programming T-shirt -
Rob C.

This is a lovely t-shirt. Really nice material with a good quality print. Very comfy and it doesn't "hang funny" like some t-shirts do on my frame (I'm 6ft 5). It feels quite tailored and gets plenty of smiles from fellow Engineers. Thanks! :)

Programming T-shirt -
Maggie K.

This t-shirt is one of the few unisex ones out there that actually fit really nicely! I really liked the off-white colour, and it's super comfy and soft.

Programming T-shirt -
Philip M.

Really cool and comfortable tshirt! The color is good, it washes well, and looks awesome!

Programming T-shirt -
Mark A.

I love the minimalism of this tee. It's not an obvious geek t shirt to non-coders. All of my colleagues commented (irony?) on it. It reminds me of the tricky logic problem: "this statement if false". Good fit around chest and shoulders. Comfy to wear.

Programming T-shirt -
Rick H.

I love this design, it describes what I do perfectly! I went for Asphalt colour, the fit and quality are great, very pleased with it :)